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Rebirthing Yogi Bhajan style

Housecleaning 1

These unique and powerful classes have the purpose of healing the pain of the past by releasing the subconscious - the storehouse of misery-like Yogi Bhajan said. If you want to life your live with fewer obstacles and less fear which are created by your own subconscious and unconscious patterns, these courses are of great help. These wonderful Kriyas (Exercise-Series) were given to cleanse your temple, your body - the house of your soul. After every Kriya you can start as a new being, more awake and more conscious.

Rebirthing as Yogi Bhajan has taught can help to release Fear, Anxiety and stored pain from the subconscious and body tissues, to let go consciously and be free of them. Shine like a lighthouse!!

Praktisk info

Dato: Søndag 29. September

Tid: 11:00 – 14:00

Sted: Flyt Yoga Hamar

Lærer: Siri Preetam

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Pris: Kr. 400,-

Påmelding til Siri Preetam
Telefon: 411 27 735

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Kurstilbud høsten 2019
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